Jenni Chung Photography

Hey, I’m Jenni!


Let’s start at the beginning:

You’re getting married.

I’m a wedding photographer.

BAM. Already swiping right!


Hey, Hi, Hello!

I’m so glad you’re here!

Finding the right photographer can be a lot like dating! Swiping through profiles looking for “the one”!

You want to vibe and feel comfortable to be your real, goofy, incredible self while trusting that you will get back images that you absolutely adore. I’m here to build connections — to hear your story and tell it with you.

I love working with couples who look at each other like it’s still their first date. I love when brides get a little dirt on their dress to run through that field into the sunset and when grooms loosen up that tie a little to pick up his love and spin them around. I love when people surround themselves with a party of people who love them and leave the stress behind because your wedding day is going to be an epic party, whether you have 5 or 500 guests. The people I love to work with the most are the ones who are most excited for the part after the wedding — the real stuff; that lifelong commitment called marriage. Because those people lose themselves in the moment knowing this is only the happiest day of your life so far.

If that sounds like you, then we’re probably a great fit! You can always get in touch via email, dm on insta, carrier pigeon or skywriting.

At Jenni Chung Photography, I firmly believe in serving all couples, especially the LGBTQ+ community, and any and all other minority or disenfranchised peoples. All love is welcome here and deserves to be celebrated!

Here’s some stuff about my life:

  • I just got married in March 2019! I was planning an intimate wedding and my man and I were so over the stress and chaos that we decided on a Wednesday that we should just elope. And four days later, we found ourselves on the Oregon coast saying our “I do”s. I seriously wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Eloping was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

  • I’m a basic girl (no shame!) and an extrovert on the outside — and I can’t help it! I love Starbucks coffee (I was a pretty kick ass barista there for a hot minute), traveling, my husband, my two cats, Paris, long walks through the forest with that fresh pine smell, reusable straws, aesthetically pleasing brunches and bottomless mimosas. If you’re looking for an adventure buddy, there’s nothing I’ve said no to yet!

  • But I’m also an empath and a dedicated mental health advocate. Just one of the reasons I defend your right to a stress-free wedding day like a mamma bear! I’m your 4am phone call when you’re having a bad night, and I love a cold quiet night at home. I’m also a classically trained pianist and a performance artist with a love for all things weird and off-beat.


I’m also an aspiring travel blogger. Minus the blogging, really. So Here’s a hodgepodge of probably too many travel photos, just in case you’re wondering if I’ll travel for your wedding at *insert literally any destination* — it’s a HECK YES!

Spain-Blog-1 5.jpg

 If you’re looking for someone who will get to know you + your person,

Someone who will make you feel at ease so that your true personality shines,

And someone who is dedicated to creating images that are uniquely tailored to you,

Then let’s do this!